NetumScan Automatic Omnidirectional Desktop Barcode Scanner, Hands-Free USB Wired QR Barcode Reader, 1D 2D Bar Code Image Sensing for Warehouse, Supermarket, Retail Store, Bookstore Pos System

Price: $39.99 - $33.99
(as of Feb 12,2024 04:06:38 UTC – Details)

Product Description


NetumScan Omnidirectional Desktop Barcode Scanner Can Read 1D/2D/QR Barcodes On Paper and Screen.

32-bit high-performance decoding chip, fast code reading.Plug and play, no need to install any driver, software or app, easy to use.Support auto-sleep function, after a period of non-use, the fill light will automatically turn off.High decoding accuracy, easy to interpret all kinds of incomplete , fuzzy barcodes,long length code, damaged barcode, distortion barcode, short barcode, colorful barcode etc.This desktop barcode scanner has good drop resistance, built to withstand drops of up to 1.5m/5ft to the concrete floor.Support libraries to use ISBN, ISSN barcodes. Support reverse bar code. The keyboard case can be set.COMS two-dimensional scan code, can easily read computer, mobile phone 1D/2D codeOnly work on device that has USB port, not for iPad, google tablet, smart phone etc.360° omnidirectional scanning of product barcode, without the need to angle the barcode, our 1D/2D desktop barcode scanners will quickly read the barcode and assist customers in checking out quickly.Small non-slip pads at the bottom of the desktop barcode scanner, anti-slip base makes it more stable.Support multi-language keyboard, support special characters.Widely used in supermarket, convenience store, retail shop, library, drugstore, catering services and other industrials which need payment scanning. making them the perfect solution for retail Point of Sale (POS) and warehouse applications.





360° Omnidirectional Scanning

Regardless of the orientation of the barcode label, our 1D/2D Desktop Barcode Scanner engine will quickly read the barcode and assist the customer in checking out quickly.

Compared with other brands of platform scanners in the market, our desktop barcode scanners have the advantages of high sensitivity, fast scanning speed, stable performance and high recognition rate.the scanner can read moving barcodes and fits well in high-volume retail checkout environments such as convenience, drug, specialty, liquor and grocery stores.

Superior Decoding Capability

Platform USB barcode reader scanner equipped precise auto-sensing scanning technology, can easily capture mobile screen and computer screen barcode. also it can easily to decode special barcode, including blurring barcode, damaged barcode, distortion barcode, colorful barcode or reflective barcode and so on.

Handsfree Barcode scanner

Our Handsfree Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner support screen scan, easily capture all common 1D 2D codes.Plug and play, no need any softwares and apps, put it on the desk, relax your hands.


➽【Automatic Smart Sensing Scanning】Specially equipped induction trigger, the desktop barcode scanner support auto-sensing scanning, barcode recognition more intelligent. When you not use the barcode scanner for a while, it will be into a sleeping mode. When handsfree barcode scanner in sleeping mode, it will automatically be activated once the item moving, and read the barcode under the window to upload to your device.
➽【Non-slip Base and Anti-shock Design】Our Handsfree Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner can be directly placed on the desk, the anti-slip base makes it more stable, Built-in anti-vibration system can avoid damage while falling from the height of 4.92 feet. IP54 technology protects the wireless barcode scanner from dust.
➽【Improve Your Efficiency】Compared with handheld barcode scanner, our handsfree barcode scanner is more free of your hands, no need to pick up the scanner when scanning, whether it is cashier scanning goods, or customer scanning digital barcode from smart phone. It can improve work efficiency and save time. Also it is so easy to use, no need extra training necessary for new staff.
➽【Plug and Play, Easy to Use】No need to install any software or app, Our desktop barcode scanner is Plug and play. Easily connected with your laptop, PC, POS by USB Cable. Ideal work for Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux.

Handheld ID Scanner, Drivers License Scanner for Age Verification and ID Checking, Stand Alone, Compliance Software and ID Updates Included, Dual Barcode and Magnetic Stripe Reader, CAV3200 Model

Price: $695.00
(as of Jan 31,2024 03:18:33 UTC – Details)

Easy verification; intuitive design, simple operation, and large Age and Expiration display for easy operation; simplify your job and work smarter
Compliance reporting; memory can be enabled or disabled giving you the flexibility to store ID transactions for due diligence proof or visitor management; create, print, and export reports
Value; comes standard with accessories, compliance software, ID updates for the life of the device, no subscriptions or hidden fees

Upgraded Translation Scanning Pen, Mobile Scanner Translator, Reading Pen, 112 Language Translating Device, OCR Digital for Language Learners Business Travel

Price: $86.99
(as of Jan 05,2024 01:17:46 UTC – Details)

🎅[Multi-language Scanning Translator Pen with Text to Speech Feature] With advanced OCR technology, it supports OFFLINE multi-language mutual scanning translation with 98.8% accuracy, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian. The scanned texts can be read out aloud in the target languages, great caring for people with dyslexia and poor eyesight. Even comes with reversed scanning direction setting, great caring for the lefty.
🎅[Multi-Language 2-way Instant Voice Translator] Supports 112+ languages mutual real-time translations online(with constant free software OTA upgrade for life to enrich more languages and features). Built with robust AI engines and built-in corpus of 2 million entries. Slimmer and more portable than phone-shaped traditional Electronic Voice Translators, meeting any on-the-go demand.
🎅[Text Excerpt for Saving Memos] A permanent, paperless, effortless and environment-friendly way of taking notes. Just scan the lines, then optionally save the texts in the pen, or transfer them in an editable form to an Android/iOS smartphone, Mac/Windows PC by scanning the QR code. Works with books, e-book, newspaper of any surface – paper, digital screen, label, wood etc. Supports text excerpt of 22 languages, max 20 letters/sec scan speed in font size 7.5 to 26 pt, and multi-line scanning.
🎅[More Advanced Features] Voice memos recording collected by high-definition noise reduction microphone. Premium Sleek Aluminum body built with a 3″ LCD high sensitive touch screen. 12 interface languages with eye-protective UI. 1200 mAh battery secures 5 hours of use and 8 hours standby. With Bluetooth module to connect earphone for using in public. Compact, ergonomic design weighing only 2.6 oz. Learn, read, talk, save with it anywhere, anytime!

2024 Newest LAUNCH CRP123I OBD2 Scanner, Lifetime Free Update Car Scanner with SAS/Throttle/Oil/D.P.F/EPB Reset, Injector Coding, BAT Match, ABS SRS Transmission Engine Code Reader Scanner, Auto VIN

Price: $178.00
(as of Dec 28,2023 00:24:46 UTC – Details)

Product Description


launch crp123ilaunch crp123i

Why Launch CRP123I Elite Can Be Your First Choice(5 Year W-arran-ty, Lifetime Free Update)

Wider Vehicle Coverage for 1996-2024 vehicles across the global(e.g. America: GM/ Ford/ Chrysler,etc; Europe: Audi/VW/ Benz/ BMW/ Fiat/Porshe,etc; Asia: Toyota/ Honda/ Nissan/ Hyundai / Kia),etc. 2024 Elite Version, Compatible with OBD2/EOBD/JOBD&CAN protocols and the data upgrade new makes up to 2024 models, including diesel cars(only 12V) 12V passenger cars, SUVs, minvans, hybrid cars, light-duty trucks,pickup,gasoline, Minivans and Caravan, Van etc.Check compatibility before order.

4 Systems Diagnostic with deep inspection for Engine/ABS/SRS(AIRBAG)/Transmission systems for a health diagnostic, retrieve ECU information, read/ erase codes, turn off warning lights.Same as LAUNCH CRP129E.

7 Hot Services Functions: (1)Oil Reset,(2) SAS Calibration, (3)Throttle Adaption,(4)EPB Reset,(5)D.P.F Reset,(6) Injector Coding,(7)BMS Reset; 7 Service maintaining your vehicle system safely and efficiently, without any fee & continuous growth.

Easy to Use with DTC Help&Code Search:When CRP123I scans error codes, DTC Help can define the code and give the appropriate explanation and repair guidance advise through Google search.And there is no need to update or download any APP before use.

Google Online Code Search: This provides you with a direct path to extensive online code resources and swift issue resolution.

Stronger and More Resistant to Fall. The anti-slip handle design and anti-fall shell greatly extend the lifetime of the launch scanner.

Full 10 OBD2 Tests Modes works on most OBD2/EOBD/KOBD/CAN standards vehicles made from 1996 to 2024. Support for all 10 test modes of OBDII with Enhanced OBDII Mode 6 – View freeze frame data and I/M Readiness monitor status..

Smart Diagnosis (Auto-Detect) Auto identify the Auto VIN(CIN/VIN/CVN), read version information of ECU.

Health ReportPrinter & Share via Email. Diagnostic Online Feedback, DTC LookUp Library.

Intuitive Data Analysis: 1.displays live data in text and 4-in-1 merged graphs for easy data review and analysis; 2.Record and Playback test results with one touch; 3.Prints out Diagnostic Report anytime with easy connection to a Windows PC.

High-end Hardware Configuration: Powered by Android 7.0 OS and newly developed chips, 2024 ver, 5” touchable LCD with easy-to-read 720P clarity. LAUNCH CRP123I scanner brings 4x faster stable processing speed and powerful diagnostic capability. the storage enhanced from 8G to 16GB, and the running memory up to 1.1Ghz. 6100mAh built-in chargeable battery supplies a constant flow of energy and mobile diagnostic way, no worry for power consumption.11 Languages Support: English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Russian.Real Time Battery Voltage Monitor to check vehicle battery voltage status in real time.One-Click update via WiFi. Don’t worry about missing the latest model coverage and new addly functions.User-Friendly design& Easy to Use: CRP123I Elite code scanner can be used out of box and no need to finish the update first. No need battery and software installation before the use.

>>>>Perfect accessories replacement s.ervice: If you use CRP123I process, lost accessories, such as USB charging cable, OBD2 plug, please c.ontact us, we will give you replacement accessories, don’t worry about accessories a.fter-sales problems, within five days can be delivered to the customer’s shipping address!

>>>>5-year-w.arranty: As long as you buy our LAUNCH CRP123I, we will provide five-year w.arranty service for the products generated within the order, such as CRP123I, OBD2 connector, USB charging cable, etc., and we will be responsible for all the problems generated within five years! Any Issue ,e mail or c a l l us directly : 323- 325-5773 ( n ow ,Choose any 2pcs Christmas gifts from EL-50448 TPMS tool/YA201 obd2 scanner/ OBDII Extention cable


launch 123ilaunch 123i

Essential 4 System Engine/ABS/SRS/Transimission Scan Tool to Get Root of The Case in Seconds(Same as CRP129E)

>> What can CRP123I do for 4 Syetems Diagnostic:

For Anti-L ock Braking System(ABS System): CRP123I scan tool with auto abs bleeding can prevent kidding and allows to keep steering control on the ABS Bleeding System.For the safety of your family, please pay attention to the health of the brake system. Launch crp123I can help you find problems in time and repair the brake pads in time,etc.For Supplemental Restraint System(SRS System): The SRS system in good condition can provide soft cushioning and restraint for the drivers and passengers in a crash, reducing injuries.CRP123I scan tool can find out the problem of airbag in time and repair it in time. The service life of airbag can be extended,etc. Improve vehicle safetyFor Transmission system: The transmission system provides the right amount of power and speed to the wheels to make sure the car runs smoothly on the road.The consequence of not paying attention to the gearbox problem is that it needs a lot of maintenance cost. Launch crp123I helps you repair the gearbox and diangose trans temp in time, saving time and cost,etc.For Engine System: When the check engine light pops on the car dashboard, there is something wrong with the engine, and then the car’s running will be limited and emission-related issues may be affected.It is not only engine system, but also covers 10obd2 mode, which can quickly and accurately locate faults and solve them easily.CRP123I can help you find the root of Case,etc.

Code Search, DTC Help, Google Search,Online Feedback, 4-in-1 Real-time Data in Text & Graph for ABS/SRS/Tranmission/Engine Syetem, Battery Voltage Monitoring, etc. Each plays an important role in the diagnostic process. Wait for more exploring.

>>When you need one CRP123I car diagnostic tool?

Do you know the specific problem of your car before taking it to the auto repair shop? If not, launch CRP123I car scanner can help you.Do you want to save time and money in diagnosis and repair? If yes, we recommend the automotive diagnostic tool launch CRP123I to you .

7 Most Common Service Functions to Use for Meeting Daily Cars Maintenance Service

launch crp123ilaunch crp123i

7 Host Service Functions to Use for Lifetime Free & Full OBD2 Functions for1996-2024 Cars Make(Upgrade to 7 Rest Functions)

>>3 Hot Reset Service

When you want to turn off the oil lamp, reset the mileage or drive time? Try Oil Reset by LAUNCH CRP123I.

When the service lamp is on, you can reset the driving mileage or driving time to turn off the service lamp and the system will enable the new service cycle.If the car changs engine oil or electric appliances that monitor oil life, then you need to reset the service lamp.

When you want to reset the steering angle position sensor? Try Steering Angle Calibration by LAUNCH CRP123I .

When you want to reset the steering angle, first you should find the relative zero-point position for the car to drive in a straight line. Taking the position as a reference, the ECU can calculate the accurate angle for left and right steering.After replacing the steering angle position sensor, replace steering mechanical parts (such as the steering gearbox, steering column, end tie rod, and steering knuckle.

When throttle assembly is replaced and needs a reset? Let’s See How Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn of CRP123I will Help You.

The ECU is replaced and the ECU does not yet store throttle working features.The ECU is disconnected from power and the ECU memory is lost.

The throttle assembly is replaced.And the intake pipe is replaced or removed, which affects idle speed control by ECU and the throttle body.The throttle is cleaned. Although the idle throttle potentiometer features remain unchanged, with the same throttle opening, the air inflow has changed and idle speed control features have changed.

>>Added 4 Reset Functions:

1. D.P.F regeneration may be performed in the following cases: 1. The exhaust back pressure sensor is replaced. 2. The PM trap is removed or replaced. 3. The fuel additive nozzle is removed or replaced. 4. The catalytic oxidizer is removed or replaced. 5. The DPF regeneration MIL is on and maintenance is performed. 6. The DPF regeneration control module is replaced.

2. When would you use injector coding? 1. Write injector actual code or rewrite code in the ECU to the injector code of the corresponding cylinder so as to more accurately control or correct cylinder injection quantity. 2. After the ECU or injector is replaced, injector code of each cylinder must be confirmed or re-coded so that the cylinder can better identify injectors to accurately control fuel injection.

3. Battery matching must be performed in the following cases: 1. Main battery is replaced. 2. Battery monitoring sensor is replaced.

4.When SAS Reset will be used:After replacing the steering angle position sensor, steering mechanical parts (such as steering gearbox, steering column, end tie rod, steering knuckle), performing four-wheel alignment, or recovering the car body, use CRP129I to reset the steering angle.

>> Full OBD2 Functions – 10 OBDII Test Modes for 1996-2024 Cars Make

1.Read and Clear DTCs; 2.Turn-off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL); 3.Read I/M Readiness Status;4. Read Live Data Stream5.Read Freeze Frame Data; 6. O2 Sensor Test; 7.On-Board Monitor Test ; 8. Read Vehicle Information; 9. EVAP Test

launch 123ilaunch 123i

ONE-Click Lifetime Free WiFi Update: Unlike those tedious upgrade steps that require a computer connection, CRP123I can use just one-click to update via wifi, you can always enjoy more features, newer vehicles, and better performance,no worry about updates.

Auto VIN: With the latest Auto VIN Scan Technology, LAUNCH scanner CRP123I can quickly automatic identify vehicle information, like brand, year, make, model and etc. NOTE: AutoVIN feature does NOT work on ALL vehicles. You always can navigate your vehicle manually to perform diagnostics/services.

4-IN-1 Live Data Stream Analyse in Graph:The scan tool CRP123I allows you live sensors data and provides data graphing for intuitive diagnostics and monitoring your vehicle performance, help customers to better analyze the abnormal parameter. Data recording functionality is amazing, customer can record the live data stream for up to 10, simultaneous, PID’s. Once these have been recorded they can be played back in text format and/or graph format. Playback supports two graphs (independent) or 4 PID’s graphed (combined). Playback timeline can be scrolled, paused, viewed, etc.

Real-time Voltage Monitoring:Faulty charging system will lead the car out of work. LAUNCH CRP123I adds Real-Time Battery Monitoring, allowing you monitor vehicle battery voltage automatically with reliable real-time graph data. It helps you to determine the battery’s health status, get early warnings for possible battery and the charging system’s problem.

One-Click Generate Health Report:Health Report will scan all vehicle modules and give you a status list for each modules condition .This diagnostic tool can automatically generate a diagnostic report when diagnostic work is successfully finished.The reports are saved to the internal memory for later review. The reports are able to be saved in P DF format, and as the tablet is equipped with WIFI, these can be emailed to the office or directly to the customer.

One to One Online Feedback- In-Time Problem Solving:LAUNCH CRP123I Scanner provides you with a Feedback function to share any problems you encounter in the process of diagnosis. We will make every effort to perform a no-delay problem solving and makes improvements on product quality according to your problems and suggestions, thus offering you a higher quality user experience.

DTC Help+ DTC Library Lookup+Google Search:The built-in DTC library allows you to retrieve the definition of the diagnostic trouble code. Saves your effort in Google searching.DTC help can give relevant guidance to save you time and money.

View Diagnostic History:Once a vehicle diagnosis is performed, LAUNCH OBD2 SCANNER will record the every detail of the diagnostic process. The History function provides quick access to the tested vehicles and users can resume from the last operation, without the necessity of starting from scratch.


>> Support 57+ Car Makers and Over 100000 Car Model ( Free to Use )

LAUNCH scanner CRP123I is compatible with most OBD2 compliant vehicles after 1996 regardless of the origin. As a 4 systems diagnostic tool, CRP123I supports 57+ car makers and over 1000+ models, including popular cars from Europe, Asia and US. It is worth mentioning that you will keep getting newer models through the online update,and vehicle models, saving your money without extra charges. This function is super helpful, especially for local dealers to win more businesses. (Note: Reach us to check compatible before purchase)

>> 11 Languages to Use

LAUNCH CRP123Icode reader supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Choosing your native language without any sort of language barrier.Easily change language in Setting menu.

>> MALL Service

Since the upgrade in 2024, you can subscribe the full functions (single brand) in the Mall to know “exactly” what is wrong with your vehicle and fix the issue immediately. Full function(single brand) , same as X431 series function, can support a lot of OEM advanced functions, such as full system diagnosis, bidirectional control, reset function, ECU coding and ect. The data shows that more than 35% of customers are willing to purchase full function to enjoy a better experience. Note: Check compatibility before purchasing.

>> What You Will Get in Your Box?

Creader Professional 123I HandsetOBD II diagnostic cableDC 5V charging cableUser manualCarrying bag1 * GLFT : TPMS EL-50448 Activation Tool(just click “Extra Savings” and add it)


Why Choose CRP123I:Twenty Years of Auto Industrial Technology and Last Mile Customer S-ervice

High-end Hardware Configuration: Powered by Android 7.0 OS.16GB super memory gets rid of limited storage, slow diagnostic speed, and “dead” embarrassment. 6100mAh built-in chargeable battery supplies a constant flow of energy and mobile diagnostic way, no worry for power consumption.5“ Screen size(720P)Larger5” Color Touchscreen, A bigger screen size makes it easier to read, and a better experience when viewing live data stream .

4X Faster Upgrade Chip:LAUNCH CRP123I scanner brings 4x faster,smarter and more stable processing speed and powerful diagnostic capability.

Wider Vehicle Compatibility,Global Version: Enhance communication with 2024 new vehicle models. Vehicles and add/complete more functions and parameter data for 1996-2024 vehicles. The perfect choice for repairing the garage to serve more vehicles and win more customers, achieving business booming. The CRP123I scanner even works on SUVs, Passenger Cars, 12V Light-duty Trucks, Pickups, etc.

Lifetime Free Update:CRP123I offers the lifetime free update policy, which means you don’t have to worry about not being able to use the product when it expires. In addition, CRP123I obd2 scan tool maintains high frequency update rate from the customer’s demand, constantly providing a cost-effective service to our customers!

Wider Cars Coverages and Massive Accumulation of Automotive Experience Data :CRP123I covers car brands from 1996-2024, over 57+ car brands and 100000+ cars are included in CRP123I and No IP Restriction, which means you don’t have to worry about where you are and not being able to use it. Data source over two decades of cutting edge industry data support

5 Years Wa-rran-ty & 60 Days No Reson Return:As a senior seller, we always consider standing in the customer’s point of view for the sake of customers. In order to allow customers to rest assured that the bold shopping, we promise to customers a 5-year w-arranty, 60 days no reason to return the policy!In order to solve the problem of the last mile of customer s-ervice, the LAUNCH CRP123I team has set up a technical team of 30 engineers, overseas maintenance centers.

>>>5 Years W-arr-anty:products come with a five-year w-arran-ty policy. From the date of purchase, we are responsible for the after-sales of your product within five years. If the product malfunctions and needs to be repaired in the course of

>>>Lifetime Fr-ee Update:CRP129E adopts a lifetime free update policy, so you can save a large amount of update cost, which means you can always use CRP129E to diagnose your car, don’t worry about not being able to use CRP129E because of the update problem.You just need to update it with one click through WIFI, which is very easy, avoiding the trouble of connecting to a computer to update.

Diagnostic System
All System Modules Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS All System Modules All System Modules All System Modules

Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported

ECU coding
Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported

Reset Functions
15+ Reset Functions 8+ Reset Functions 28+ Reset Functions 37+ Reset Functions 37+ Reset Functions

Topology Mapping
Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported

AutoAuth FCA SGW

Not Supported

Key Immo

Not Supported

Diagnostic Voltage Range
12V 12V 12V 12V 12V/24V(Gasoline / Diesel HD Truck)

Screen Size
5.0″ 5.0″ 7.0″ 8.0″ 10.1″

【Newest Upgrade! 2023 OE-LEVEL Car Scanner】4X Faster of CRP123* ! Smarter!More Stable! CRP123I automotive scanner has been upgraded(Added 4 Reset functions)➤ Brand New Upgrade Qualcomm Snapdragon Chip➤4 System Diagnose➤7 Service Functions(Upgrade)➤Android 7.0➤16GB RAM➤5″ Touchscreen(720P) ➤6100mAh Battery➤One-touch Wi-Fi Free Lifetime Updates ➤ Cover Newer Vehicles➤Fix Bugs➤ Add New Parameters and Features to Access, Diagnose, and Fix Vehicles Faster➤ Work Out Of Box➤ Five Year W-arranty
【7 Reset Functions+DTC Help】Special features added to the latest CRP123I Elite scan tool for 2023 – Throttle Adaptive, Oil Reset, SAS Reset, EPB Reset, Injector Reset, Battery Match, D.P.F Reset. Before going to the garage, the CRP123I Elite is introduced to provide more in-depth diagnosis of the car system and react to the accurate data in minutes.Also,DTC help also provides appropriate help and advice according to the error codes, which is enough to satisfy your daily maintenance needs!
【Accurate & Intuitive Multi-System Diagnosis】The Launch CRP123I diagnostic tool can pinpoint the problem components when warning lights flash for the transmission, ABS, Engine and SRS airbag check engine.,whick makes for a faster diagnosis and helps car owners avoid trips to the dealership
【Wider Vehicle Coverage From 1996 To 2024,No IP Limit】CRP123I supports Diesel (12v only), 12V Passenger car, Hybrid car,Pickup, and Light-duty Truck,SUV,Gasoline,Minivans,Caravan,Van from 1996-2024, covers OBD2/ EOBD/KOBD&CAN protocols: VW,Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bentley, Benz, BMW,, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Daewoo,Dodge, Fiat,Ford,Faking, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu,Jaguar, Jeep,KIA,Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus,Lincoln,Maybach, Mazda, Nissan,Porsc,etc.
【Multiple Live Data Stream Graph+ Battery Voltage Checker】 Launch CRP123I car tools shows real-time data of oil temp, pressure, transmission temp, engine speed, coolant temperature. Data can be shown in a single, multi- graph, and merge two graphs for analysis(merge 4 PIDs in one). The Launch CRP123I scanner can monitor a vehicle’s battery voltage and informe you of the health of your battery.
【Auto-VIN Smart Diagnostic & Online Feedback & Health Report Printer and Share & 11 Languages Support】Launch CRP123i scan tool auto-vin technology allows you to get your VIN and vehicle info rapidly (vehicle make, model, and year info), no need to take time to find your VIN and input one by one (Some models need to type it in manually.)Vehicle Health Report can be recorded and playback for further analysis, launch car scanner can be shared by email and then print on a computer.
【60-dayFree Return Policy & 5-Year-*Warranty&U.S. T.ech Su.pport 】CRP123I offers a 60-day return policy and 5 years of technical support so you can shop with confidence. As a car diagnostic strength seller with 20 years of experience, we have set up overseas repair centers overseas to serve customers in the last mile, U.S. worry-free after-sales Su.pport!

6Vdc 2A Power Supply Adapter, Compatible with 1.5A 1A 0.5A Devices, 100-240V 50/60Hz AC to DC 12W Wall Charger with 3 Tips for Stationary Bike, Blood Pressure Monitor, Humidifier, Scanner, UL Listed

Price: $9.99
(as of Dec 05,2023 21:35:46 UTC – Details)

From the brand


12V 3A Power Adapter

12V 2A Power Adapter

12V Power Adapter

5V Power Adapter

24V/9V Power Adapter

15V/6V Power Adapter

Power Extension Cable

Splitter Cable & DC Connector

Who We Are?

OXZEEWEE is a professional power accessories supplier, including power adapters, power cables, adapter tips, etc.

What Makes Our Products Unique?

Designed with the latest power technologies and the highest industry standards, our products are produced under strict quality-control procedures, and tested by high-standard electrical testing programs.

What We Will Do?

Product quality and user experience are our top priorities. We devote to continuously developing cutting-edge power technologies and superior products, and build a competitive brand to create more value to human beings.

【Wide Applications】– Works for various of devices which ask for a less than 6V 2A 12W power adaptor, Such as 6V, 2A, 1.9A, 1.8A, 1.7A, 1.6A, 1.5A, 1.4A, 1.3A, 1.2A, 1.1A, 1A, 0.9A, 0.8A, 0.7A, 0.6A, 0.5A, 0.4A, 0.3A, 0.2A, 2000mA, 1900mA, 1800mA, 1600mA, 1500mA, 1400mA, 1300mA, 1200mA, 1100mA, 1000mA, 900mA, 800mA, 700mA, 650mA, 600mA, 500mA, 450mA, 400mA, 300mA, 200mA especially for Stationary Bike, Blood Pressure Monitor, Humidifier, Scanner and more.
【Certification】– UL Listed, safer with EMC Approval and multi-Protections: Over-current Protection, Over-temperature Protection, Over-voltage Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Electromagnetic Wave Protection.
【High-Efficient & Durable】– Level VI Energy Efficiency , with ideal structural design, premium materials and quality microchip, delivers high power efficiency and multiple safety protections.
【What you will get】– 1pc 6V 2A 12W Power Adapter with standard 5.5*2.1mm connector, 3 Tips: 3.5*1.35mm, 5.5*2.5mm, 4.0*1.7mm (Please check to make sure the tip is suitable). 1-year Warranty, Lifetime Tech Support. Shipment by Amazon (FBA).

USB 3.0 Switch Selector 4 Port,MLEEDA KVM Switcher 4 Computers Sharing 4 USB Devices,USB Peripheral Switcher for Keyboard Mouse Printer Scanner,with Wired Remote Button and 4 USB 3.0 Cable

Price: $31.99
(as of Nov 19,2023 19:05:09 UTC – Details)

From the brand



Simplify office and life–Convenient, Efficient, Enjoyable


MELLDA only focus on the R&D and production of KVM switch and USB switch.

Making users’ office more convenient and efficient is our core value.

Dual Monitor KVM

USB Switch

kvm switch 3 monitors 2 computerskvm switch 3 monitors 2 computers

Triple Monitor KVM Switch

This KVM allows 2 computers to share 3 monitors and 4 USB 3.0 devices like keyboard mouse Hard disk.

Support mirror and extended modes.

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 4.02 x 2.56 x 0.75 inches; 13.4 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ USB 3.0 SWITCH
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ July 20, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ MLEEDA
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

【Multiple Device Sharing】This USB 3.0 KVM switch allows you to share multiple devices such as mouse,keyboard,printer,scanner,U disk and other USB devices between 4 computers.NOTE:When connecting high-power USB devices such as HDD, digital video camera, etc., you need to insert 5V power supply (Power adapter not included).
【5Gbps Speed, USB 3.0 Data Transfer】The 4 port USB 3.0 sharing switch supports USB 3.0 data transfer rates of up to 5Gb/s (10 times faster than USB 2.0). The mouse keyboard switch is backward compatible with USB 2.0 & USB 1.1 peripherals. Support wireless keyboard and mouse.
【Wired Remote & Button Switching】You can easily switch between 4 computers by pressing the button or pressing the Wired Remote control, green LED indicating the active computer. The included wired remote(1.5m) lets you say goodbye to messy cables on your desk.
【Good Compatibility & Stable Connection】USB 3.0 switch selector with separate micro USB port for power supply,driver-free, plug and play.Compatibility with Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS.
【IMPORTANT NOTE】The 4 port USB switch is powered by the USB cables, but please use a standard 5V adapter (not included) when connecting high power devices,any charger with higher voltage output is not allowed.

USB 3.0 Switch, Bi-Directional USB Switch 2 in 1 Out / 1 in 2 Out, YINNCEEN USB Switcher 2 Computers Share Keyboard Mouse Scanner Printer, USB KVM Switch Compatible with Mac/Windows/Linux

Price: $21.98 - $13.99
(as of Nov 03,2023 17:02:01 UTC – Details)

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YINNCEEN team was established in 2012. Since its establishment, it has been aiming at “integration, simplification, and efficiency”, and strives to improve work efficiency for customers!

YINNCEEN is customer-oriented and provides customers with high-quality and cost-effective products.

USB Switch

Hard Drive Adapter

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 2.36 x 1.93 x 0.71 inches; 3.53 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ T26
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ May 11, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Yinuocheng Tech
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09W219SRZ

【Fast Data Transfer Speed】 The keyboard mouse splitter supports ultra-fast USB 3.0 data transfer rates of up to 5Gb/s (10 times faster than USB 2.0), provides high-bandwidth support, and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices.
【One-Button Switch】 USB 3.0 switch with Button and LED indicator lights, you can easily switch between 2 computers by a single click on the button, and the LED indicators make it easy to know which computer is in control.
【Easy Installation】 The USB kvm switch with great Compatibility, driver-free for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS, simply plug and play, connect the USB cable to computers and the USB port of the product.
【Wide Application】 The USB keyboard mouse switch is ideal for sharing devices such as a printer, scanner, mouse, keyboard, U-disk, and other USB devices between 2 computers.

ScanAvenger Wireless Portable 1D&2D with Stand Bluetooth Barcode Scanner: Hand Scanner 3-in-1, Cordless, Rechargeable Scan Gun for Inventory – USB Bar Code/QR Reader (1D&2D with Next Gen Stand)

Price: $99.92 - $79.97
(as of Oct 16,2023 14:32:34 UTC – Details)

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barcode scanner bluetooth wireless qr code reader ticket 1d 2d pocket usb handheld upc hand minibarcode scanner bluetooth wireless qr code reader ticket 1d 2d pocket usb handheld upc hand mini

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Barcode Scanners

shipping label luggage connect pad tracking dock base data information package date list holstershipping label luggage connect pad tracking dock base data information package date list holster

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Barcode Scanners

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★NEXT GEN SMART CHARGING STAND: One base that can do it all. Wireless Transmission from stand to scanner. Holds scanner. Charges scanner’s built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery via lighting connectors.
★SCAN MODES: Connect to Mac or Windows computers, Android or Apple mobile devices, and POS systems to start scanning barcodes with one of the 3 available modes – manual, continuous, and auto sense.
★CODE COMPATIBILITY: Scan 1D barcodes including UPC, EAN, Code128, Code39, Code11, Codabar, and many others; Scan 2D barcodes including PDF417, Aztec code, Data Matrix, QR Code, Micro PDF, Interleaved, and others. Doesn’t work with Maxicode. DOES NOT WORK WITH SQUARE, SHOPIFY OR SHOPKEEP.
★TRANSMISSION RANGE: This linear barcode scanner has a transmission range of up to 493 feet in an obstacle-free environment and around 98 ft with medium-density obstacles. ScanAvenger offers 5-star customer service via Phone, Email, and Chat 24/7 – 365 days. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE – targeting under 1-hour email response and 5 minutes for both phone and chat.

Brother ADS-4700W Professional Desktop Scanner with Fast Scan Speeds, Duplex, Wireless, and Large Touchscreen

Price: $469.98
(as of Sep 14,2023 11:46:47 UTC – Details)

The Brother ADS-4700W Professional Desktop Scanner is an essential component of an optimized fleet for the way work now works – providing easy integration with existing workflows, versatile scan-to destinations, and improved productivity. Equipped with fast, twosided scanning up to 40ppm(1) to help maximize workgroup productivity. Quickly scan stacks of paper with various sizes and weights via the large, 80-page capacity auto document feeder to help optimize efficiency. The 4.3” color touchscreen display offers easy menu navigation and the ability to create up to 56 customizable shortcuts for one-touch scanning to multiple destinations and scan job preview. Offers Triple Layer Security features to help limit document and device access and protect against network intrusions. Provides wide driver support (TWAIN, WIA, ISIS, and SANE) for compatibility with existing software applications and document management systems. Enables scanning to variety of cloud applications(2) including Google Drive™, Dropbox, and OneDrive, as well as email, SharePoint, SSH Server (SFTP), USB memory stick, and more, for easy collaboration. Equipped with a powerful bundled software suite to create, edit, and convert scanned documents into a wide variety of file formats including Searchable PDFs, Secure PDFs, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Also helps facilitate post scanning processes such as document indexing, merging, separation, and inserting / deleting scanned pages. Maximize output quality with integrated image optimization features such as Auto Deskew, Auto Image Rotation, and Bleed-through Removal, as well as Kofax VRS Elite™ / Kofax Express™ compatibility for improved image optimization. Features built-in wireless and Ethernet network interfaces to easily set up and share on your wireless or wired network. Ideal for busy offices and workgroups, scan-to your mobile device(3) with AirPrint® and Brother Mobile Connect. The ADS-4700W is also ENERGY STAR® compliant and EPEAT® Silver rated, making it an energyefficient choice for your document capture needs. Includes a three-year standard limited warranty for peace of mind, as well as free online, live chat, or phone technical assistance for the life of your product. 1 Color and monochrome scan speed with all advanced features turned off, Letter at 300dpi. 2 Requires an Internet connection and an account with desired service. 3 Requires connection to a wireless network. Brother Mobile Connect free app download is not available in all countries
FAST, MULTI-PAGE SCANNING: Scans single and double-sided materials in a single pass, in both color and black / white, at up to 40ppm(1) for increased productivity. Quickly scan a variety of document sizes and types via the large, 80-page capacity auto document feeder to help optimize efficiency. Add additional sheets with continuous scanning mode for even greater productivity.
EASILY ADAPTS TO YOUR EXISTING WORKFLOWS: Provides wide driver support (TWAIN, WIA, ISIS, and SANE) for easy integration, as well as a number of scan-to destinations including email, cloud services(2), SharePoint, SSH Server (SFTP), USB memory stick, and more.
FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: Features built-in wireless and Ethernet network interfaces to easily set up and share on your network. Scan-to your mobile device(3) with AirPrint and Brother Mobile Connect.
TRIPLE LAYER SECURITY: Offers Triple Layer Security features to help safeguard sensitive documents and securely connect to the device and network
4.3” COLOR TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY: Provides easy menu navigation and creation of up to 56 customizable shortcuts for one-touch scanning to common destinations and scan job preview. Enables direct scanning to a variety of cloud applications including Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox and more(2).

MUNBYN 2023 New Android Scanner Android 11 Barcode Scanner Handheld Mobile Computer 1D/2D QR PDF17 Zebra Scanner, IP65 8000mAh Pistol Grip Inventory Scanner, 5.2” Screen 4G Wi-Fi GMS Data Collector

Price: $699.99
(as of Aug 31,2023 04:35:38 UTC – Details)

From the brand

android barcode scannerandroid barcode scanner


Scan right, spend light!


Founded in 2015, MUNBYN always pursues the principles that value quality, advance with the times, and demonstrate “Simplicity”, “Vitality”, “Specialty”. What’s more, we advocate green, energy-saving, and low-carbon business.

android barcode scannerandroid barcode scanner

android barcode scannerandroid barcode scanner

Leading Tech-Android 11

Large Battery Capacity

Modernize Business with Data

Provide timely and helpful support

We have a professional technical team who will provide you with timely and helpful support, even on Christmas Day.

Are you concerned that your PDA is not compatible with your software?

Our engineers can help you with software testing before purchasing, avoid unnecessary trouble, and provide SDK to develop your own software.

Are you afraid of cumbersome after-sales service?

MUNBYN values customer experience very seriously. For any product problem, we try our best to help you solve it. After a simple inquiry, we will provide a useful solution.

How did we get our start?

Founded in 2015, “Munbyn” not only inherits the fine traditions but moves with the times and introduces new concepts: Simplicity, Vitality, Specialty.

What problem are we solving?

MUNBYN is dedicated to providing enterprises with cost-effective advanced solutions. The provided Android Scanners are expected to replace manual counting with intelligent inventory to improve work efficiency.

Why do we love what we do?

We want to find more appropriate solutions for industries like retailing, logistics, warehousing, and catering.

ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Mobile Portable Scanner for Mac or PC, Black

Price: $229.00 - $198.99
(as of Aug 12,2023 23:21:22 UTC – Details)

The ScanSnap iX100 is a completely wireless, compact, battery-powered scanner that takes scanning beyond your desktop and into the mobile world. The Quick Menu for PC and Mac automatically pops up after scanning to provide you a variety of ways to be immediately productive with your scans. It can be customized to display just your favorites, present a recommendation, and even display custom profiles. ScanSnap Cloud makes scanning easier than ever before, enabling the iX100 to scan directly to your favorite cloud service without the need for a computer or mobile device. Like all ScanSnap scanners the iX100 features a powerful set of automated image processing functions including auto color detection, crop & deskew, and blank page removal. A dual-core CPU-mounted “GI” processor performs the intelligent image enhancement responsible for great looking images with dramatically faster results and more sophisticated connectivity. The ScanSnap iX100 can automatically detect your Wi-Fi network at home, in the office or on the go. With Direct Connect mode you can scan wirelessly beyond your network. Dual Scan allows you to scan two small sized documents, such as business cards or receipts at the same time.
Wi-Fi and USB connectivity – Scan wirelessly to PC, Mac, iOS or Android mobile devices
Built-in GI microprocessor performs intelligent image enhancement including auto color detection, crop & deskew, and blank page removal
Fast battery-powered speed – scan a full color A4 document at 300 dpi in just 5.2 seconds
Portable scanning anywhere with rechargeable battery – scan up to 260 documents on a full charge

Pen Scanner, Text to Speech Device for Dyslexia, OCR Digital Highlighter Pen Reader, Exam Reading Pen for Students,Language Translator Device, Speech and Scan to Translate

Price: $149.00
(as of Jul 25,2023 20:16:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Pen ScannerPen Scanner

Scan & Translate in 55 Languages: Scan, Translate & Read, a professional text-to-speech translator, quickly translate printed or digital texts and provide real-time text and voice translations.

112 languages voice translator: instant voice input and output!

Chinese-English Dictionary: only support translate, read and interpret between Chinese and English.

Free Online Firmware Update: Free firmware update service for life, don’t worry!

Offline scan translation: only supports Chinese and English, even if the Internet is not available, the scan translator also supports fast and easy offline translation when needed.

Record Translation: Only supports Chinese and English, can be used as a handy voice recorder and voice-to-text transcriptor to record important meetings and discussions.

Language Translator DeviceLanguage Translator Device

Text to Speech Device for DyslexiaText to Speech Device for Dyslexia

Pen ScannerPen Scanner

Fast & Efficient

Most phone translation apps require you to manually type or “copy & paste” the text over and over again. Vormor conveniently scans text and provides text or audio translations instantly. Say goodbye to tedious typing and start communicating quickly.


A formal chat with phone translation is neither professional nor desirable. The files stored on phones, apps and chat notifications are personal information that could be compromised. Use Vormor to better protect your privacy.

Adjustable and Customizable: The OCR text scanner and language translator pen allows you to adjust the text/audio speech and choose from different accents while the quality speakers make sure you can hear it clearly and understand it easily for day to day use
Two-way Speech Translation–Scan and edit on the go! Translations are instantly played via the built-in speaker and shown on the pen,For example, translation from Spanish into English, or translated english into Spanish
Accurate, Efficient, Time-Saving – pen scanner scans 3000 characters per minute, quickly scans entire lines of text, and translates them instantly! The translation pen scanner has an accurate recognition rate of up to 98%, scans multi-line text, and supports printed text such as paper, digital screens, labels, etc.
Portable and Lightweight: Portable design with the same size as a pen. 3.5inch large touch screen display with eye-protective UI design. Full angle recognition. Covered by Alloy Rear Shell: high-quality materials designed to maximum-optimize user experience. High-fidelity speaker. This scan translation pen enhances the travel experience, it helps you overcome cross-language barriers, like hotels to stay, attractions to visit and so on while traveling overseas. Just enjoy it in anywhere