AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner – Black

Price: $995.00
(as of Jul 15,2023 14:48:01 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Product Description

The AgeVisor Touch is TokenWorks’s Windows-based Age Verification ID Scanner incorporating over fifteen years of drivers license scanning experience. The product sets new milestones in price/performance ratio and durability with features such as large intuitive color touch screen display, verbal or audible warnings, customer visit counters, on-screen reporting, customer relationship management features like tagging (VIP/Banned), email and phone capture and advanced database management features.

Easy to Use. No Setup. Counterspace Friendly.

Designed For Countertop Use

The device is large enough to clearly display important information yet it’s 7×7 inch frame won’t clutter your work space.

Easy to Use – No Setup Required.

The scanner is ready to use out of the box. Motion activated scanner means there are no buttons to press. Age Indicators and audible warnings make understanding information simple, and easy.

Protect Your Liquor License. Prevent Underage Sales.

Color Coded Warnings, Talking/Alert Warnings

The AgeVisor Touch makes it almost impossible to miss a warning. This scanner displays the calculated age with color coded icons, a color coded status message, and alert sounds, making it almost impossible to overlook a problem ID.

One or Two Age Icons turn Green or Red Status Message is Green Red or Yellow Talking Warnings or Audible Warnings with Volume control

Quickly Reads All US / Canadian IDs + Military IDs

Reads in less than 1 second – No Buttons to Press

Motion-Activated Barcode Scanner reads all 50 states IDs and Drivers Licenses, Canadian Drivers Licenses, Canadian Health Cards, US Military Retired and CAC IDs. New drivers license formats update for free so you are always covered.

VIP / Banned Tagging

Identify Clients with Tags

Tags are important if you need to categorize clients. Standard tags like Banned, VIP, Member, Owes money are already defined but you can create custom tags as well. Tag Notes add additional details to a tagged person. For Example, a Banned person might have a note like “started fight on 6/1/2014” or a VIP might have a note like “Great Client – Keep Happy at all costs”

Data Storage

Stores 100,000 customers and/or 250,000 scans

The AgeVisor Touch automatically saves scan data when scanning an ID.

Data can be easily exported directly to a Micosoft Excel csv file. No software required.

The scanner also has data limiting features for clients who prefer to limit data collection.

Anti-Passback Software

Anti-Passback will detect shared IDs

The AntiPass Back software detects when an ID is re-scanned in the same evening.

Some clubs use Anti-Passback to ensure wrist bands or ink stamps have not been transferred from exiting customers.

Dispensaries use this feature to help prevent customers from exceeding daily purchase limits.

Free Software Updates

Free Updates over Wi-Fi

AgeVisor Touch uses WiFi for free software updates TokenWorks does not charge for software updates, either for new drivers licenses formats or for improved software features. Before buying any ID Scanner, always ask how much do software updates cost every year and see if the company has actual office space.

Huge Easy to read 7″ capacitive touch screen – No comparison to 2.5” Blue and White LCD
Talking or Audible warnings for under age, expired, tagged, rescanned, birthday events
Reads Drivers Licenses from 50 states, all Canadian provinces and Military IDs
Price / Performance Leader – We dare you to Compare

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