GTek 165Hz 2K Gaming Monitor, 27 Inch Frameless Display QHD 2560 x 1440P, Curved 1800R, VA 1ms MPRT, Supports 144Hz HDR, FreeSync, DisplayPort/HDMI 2.0, VESA – Q2765VC

Price: $184.99
(as of Dec 27,2023 20:18:05 UTC – Details)

Product Description

165hz 1ms va curved hdr 27 inche165hz 1ms va curved hdr 27 inche


165hz curved 27 inch gaming monitor165hz curved 27 inch gaming monitor

va curved gaming screenva curved gaming screen

1ms mprt gtg gaming screen1ms mprt gtg gaming screen

165Hz Ultra-Fast Refresh Rate

An astonishing 165Hz refresh rate monitor on-par with esport’s most vigorous standards. Fast moving objects run smooth and is not an issue for GTEK’s 165Hz Q2765VC. There is no lag which gives users the upper hand in shooters, racers, real-time strategy and fast moving games.

Wide Viewing Angle

Amazingly vibrant details from almost any position. Our panoramic ultra-wide viewing angle maintains image clarity and consistent coloring for all your entertainment and gaming needs. The screen is also curved allowing users to have a more immersive experience.

Lightning 1ms Response Time

GTEK Q2765VC has a response time of 1ms eliminating smearing and motion blur. This allows for sharper images, fluid gameplay and fast responsiveness. Our technology creates a environment for your gaming and entertainment needs.

frameless sleek design gaming monitorframeless sleek design gaming monitor

freesync no screen tearing anti ghostingfreesync no screen tearing anti ghosting

adjustable gaming monitoradjustable gaming monitor

Sleek Frameless Design

With our bezel-less monitor, setting up a dream multiple monitor display is now possible and more sleek than ever before. Our frameless design allows for a seamless display of games and entertainment. If you’re looking for the perfect multi-monitor setup, look no further!

Sync’d Up

With FreeSync, users get the smoothest and fasting gaming experience ever. This technology synchronizes display refresh rates to GPU which eliminates screen tearing. Display stuttering and input lag are also reduced in the process, giving users a stunning visual experiences and the competitive edge.

Adjustable Monitor Angle

Tilt your monitor like the pros. Tilting your monitor gives you the perfect and most comfortable angle. With this ergonomic feature, users can also get the correct monitor height.

esport gaming monitor screenesport gaming monitor screen

ULTRA-FAST: Our ultra fast screens eliminate image tearing, smearing and motion blur to create advantages for all gamers and allows for perfectly smooth game or picture motion; creating advantages for split second decisions when gaming
FRAMELESS DESIGN: Fiercely designed and constructed for the perfect gaming platform with less wasted room from your monitor. With the ultra-thin bezel design, multi-monitor setups are seamless and connected
FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: The broad range of available connections for the gaming monitor is DisplayPort, HDMI. The wide range of connectivity allow for laptops, computers and gaming consoles to easily connect. Compatible with xBox and PS5 at maximum resolution and refresh rate
FREE-SYNC: Free Sync technology provides variable refresh rates that decreases lag and motion blur to create a stutter and tear free advantage in first person shooters, racers and real-time strategy games

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