IDWare 9000 Handheld ID Scanner – ID, Drivers’ License, Age Verification & Passport Scanner with Veriscan Premium Software – Sync Multiple Devices

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Product Description

IDW9000 capabilitiesIDW9000 capabilities

About The IDWare9000+ HandHeld ID Scanner

Portable ID Reader

The IDWare9000 handheld ID scanner with embedded ID scanning software provides age verification and ID verification. Creates a record for all new guests and updates record for existing guests sends text or email alerts when certain guests arrive.

Secure Storage Of Customer Data

All data is backed up to the secure cloud, and can be transferred to a new device in the event that your ID scanner is lost, broken, or stolen. When an ID is scanned, Veriscan Online checks the date of birth and expiration date and then compares the format of the ID to our library of documents.

Age Verification (21+, 18+)

Perfect for bars, nightclubs, dispensaries, and other age restricted venues. Simply scan the barcode on the back of the ID, and the VeriScan system instantly verifies customer age, ID expiration date, and validity. Benefits of age verification include increased compliance, decreased exposure, real-time security, and an enhanced customer experience.

Key Features 5.5” touchscreen 12 hours scanning time. <4 hour recharge. Android 9.0 OS Charging cable, USB cable, Hand strap 16MP autofocus rear camera with flash Durable against dust and water Scans all IDs, drivers’ licenses, and global passports with the push of a button Reads and parses data in the ID’s 2D barcode or passport MRZ

Using Your IDWare9000+

ID Scanning Software Handheld Scanner Home ScreenID Scanning Software Handheld Scanner Home Screen

underage ID scan pop-upunderage ID scan pop-up

ID scanner visitor profileID scanner visitor profile

ID scanner DMV checksID scanner DMV checks

Modern User Interface

Beautiful, easy-to-use software that allows for scanning IDs with the touch of a button. Easily train your bouncers, doormen, or security staff.

Flag Underage Patrons

With the scan of an ID, your ID scanner will determine guest age, and perform 2D barcode security to check for potential anomalies.

Manage Lists (Banned, VIP)

Easily create and manage lists (Banned, VIP, Big Spender, Chargebacks, etc.). Tag customers and add notes for later review or customer return.

Optional 3rd Party Checks

For added security, our ID scanning software allows queries to 3rd party databases such as DMV and OFAC – ensure your customers are who they say they are.

Compatible ID & Document Formats

US Drivers’ Licenses Document Scanning, Age Verification, 2D Barcode Security Canadian Drivers’ Licenses Document Scanning, Age Verification, 2D Barcode Security Mobile Drivers’ License (mDLs) Document Scanning, Age Verification US State IDs Document Scanning, Age Verification, 2D Barcode Security Global Passports Document Scanning, Age Verification Global Drivers’ License Limited Scanning & Age Verification, Country Dependent

Simple Setup For Your IDWare9000+ Handheld ID Scanner

turning on your handheld id scannerturning on your handheld id scanner

Set up ID scanning software, fake ID detectionSet up ID scanning software, fake ID detection

id scanner scanning the back of a drivers licenseid scanner scanning the back of a drivers license

Step 1

Turn on your ID Scanner IDW9000+ by pressing the “On” button on the left side of the scanner.

Step 2

Register your Veriscan age verification software account. You’ll be able to configure your settings and account at this time.

Step 3

Start scanning IDs! Simply use the auto-focus laser and hold the ID 3″-4″ from the ID scanner.

ID scanner using laser scannerID scanner using laser scanner

Benefits of ID Scanning

Scans all IDs, drivers’ licenses, and global passports with the push of a buttonReads and parses data in the ID’s 2D barcode or passport MRZWeb Service parses information stored in the 2D barcodeAPI will convert the image of the back of an ID or driver’s license into a string of characters for use with our parsing APIAPI is used to perform optical character recognition (OCR) on the front of a drivers’ licenseVerifies customer age (18+, 21+)Alerts your team when a customer’s ID is expiredCatches anomalies in the ID’s barcode or MRZ with 2D barcode security checksTracks each guest visit for loyalty history, anti-looping, and list creation – new records are created for each guest, returning guest records are updated.

Benefits of Using the IDWare 9000+ with Veriscan

VIP ListVIP List

Banned ListBanned List

Fake IDsFake IDs

No TyposNo Typos

Manage VIP Lists

Create, manage and share VIP lists, collect data, and generate sophisticated marketing reports.

Create Banned Lists

Keep troublemakers out of your establishment with “Banned” patron lists.

Fake ID Detection

Simply scan a driver’s license or passport using our mobile solution and verify age, check for fake or expired IDs, and check in guests.

Eliminate Typos

No more typos. ID parsing ensures 100% accurate data every time. We are far more accurate than OCR solutions.

Perform 2D barcode security checks which check for inconsistencies and anomalies in the 2D barcode on the back of the ID
Continuous updates as new ID formats are added – Built-in age verification checks for underage (18+, 21+), or expired IDs
IDs can be scanned and parsed into our cloud-based system in <1 second
Multi-scan alerts. Ensure IDs are not passed between guests with passback protection

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