Pen Scanner, Text to Speech Device for Dyslexia, OCR Digital Highlighter Pen Reader, Exam Reading Pen for Students,Language Translator Device, Speech and Scan to Translate

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Product Description

Pen ScannerPen Scanner

Scan & Translate in 55 Languages: Scan, Translate & Read, a professional text-to-speech translator, quickly translate printed or digital texts and provide real-time text and voice translations.

112 languages voice translator: instant voice input and output!

Chinese-English Dictionary: only support translate, read and interpret between Chinese and English.

Free Online Firmware Update: Free firmware update service for life, don’t worry!

Offline scan translation: only supports Chinese and English, even if the Internet is not available, the scan translator also supports fast and easy offline translation when needed.

Record Translation: Only supports Chinese and English, can be used as a handy voice recorder and voice-to-text transcriptor to record important meetings and discussions.

Language Translator DeviceLanguage Translator Device

Text to Speech Device for DyslexiaText to Speech Device for Dyslexia

Pen ScannerPen Scanner

Fast & Efficient

Most phone translation apps require you to manually type or “copy & paste” the text over and over again. Vormor conveniently scans text and provides text or audio translations instantly. Say goodbye to tedious typing and start communicating quickly.


A formal chat with phone translation is neither professional nor desirable. The files stored on phones, apps and chat notifications are personal information that could be compromised. Use Vormor to better protect your privacy.

Adjustable and Customizable: The OCR text scanner and language translator pen allows you to adjust the text/audio speech and choose from different accents while the quality speakers make sure you can hear it clearly and understand it easily for day to day use
Two-way Speech Translation–Scan and edit on the go! Translations are instantly played via the built-in speaker and shown on the pen,For example, translation from Spanish into English, or translated english into Spanish
Accurate, Efficient, Time-Saving – pen scanner scans 3000 characters per minute, quickly scans entire lines of text, and translates them instantly! The translation pen scanner has an accurate recognition rate of up to 98%, scans multi-line text, and supports printed text such as paper, digital screens, labels, etc.
Portable and Lightweight: Portable design with the same size as a pen. 3.5inch large touch screen display with eye-protective UI design. Full angle recognition. Covered by Alloy Rear Shell: high-quality materials designed to maximum-optimize user experience. High-fidelity speaker. This scan translation pen enhances the travel experience, it helps you overcome cross-language barriers, like hotels to stay, attractions to visit and so on while traveling overseas. Just enjoy it in anywhere

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