PenPower WorldPen Scan Go | OCR Reading Pen with Text to Speech | Pen Scanner for Data Input | Pen Translator for Second Language Learners| Wireless Standalone | LCD Touchscreen | Wi-Fi Connection

PenPower WorldPen Scan Go | OCR Reading Pen with Text to Speech | Pen Scanner for Data Input | Pen Translator for Second Language Learners| Wireless Standalone | LCD Touchscreen | Wi-Fi Connection
PenPower WorldPen Scan Go | OCR Reading Pen with Text to Speech | Pen Scanner for Data Input | Pen Translator for Second Language Learners| Wireless Standalone | LCD Touchscreen | Wi-Fi Connection

Price: $179.00
(as of Apr 12, 2023 22:35:35 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Reading pen scannerReading pen scanner

Read to you. Listen while Scanning!

Listen while scanning Listen while scanning

kid using pen scannerkid using pen scanner

read aloud with built in speaker or headphoneread aloud with built in speaker or headphone

Good tool for dyslexia or ESL

Scan words or multiple sentence at once and it will read back to you. Help children and adults unlimited access to reading materials at home, school, and on the job.

Scan and read, allow children to read independently

The Pen can narrate any book after scanning, simulating an adult reading to the child.

Read aloud to you in the way you like

Built-in speaker.Bluetooth connectivity for external speakers and headphones.

Standalone use with LCD touchscreenStandalone use with LCD touchscreen

With a simple slide, save text to the pen or transcribe to any app or software!

Standalone use with 2.98” LCD touchscreen with high sensitivity.

No need to connect to a mobile phone or computer.It’s ideal for you to use in library, schools, office or on the go.

Free App for Mac / Windows / iOS / Android / Chromebook.

Directly scan text to your PC / laptop or smartphone.Use one-click to translate scanned text.Review saved sentences and vocabulary in multiple devices.Share files to other applications

[ New feature! ] Add to keyboard options, transcribe scanned texts directly to your iOS device

Works with any applications or software programs

Text Recognition Languages:

Albanian, Arabic (United Arab Emirates), Azerbaijani, Basque (Spain), Belarusian, Bosnian Language, Bulgarian (Bulgaria), Catalonia (Spain), Cebuan, Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Tradictional), Corsica, Czech (Czech Republic), Danish, Dutch (Netherlands), English (US), Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino (Philippines), Finnish language, French (France), Galician (Spain), German (Germany), Haiti Krony, Hindi, Hrvatski (Croatia), Hungarian (Hungary), Icelandic (Iceland), Indonesian, Italian (Italy), Japanese, Java (Indonesia), Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian (Lithuania), Macedonian (Republic of Macedonia), Malaysian (Brunei), Nepal, Norwegian (Norway), Pashto (Afghanistan), Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian (Romania), Russian, Serbian, Slovakia (Slovakia), Slovenian (Slovenia), Spanish (Spain), Swahili (Tanhania), Swedish, Tamil, Thai (Thailand), Turkish, Ukraine (Ukraine), Uzbek (Uzbek), Vietnamese (Vietnam),

two way translationtwo way translation

Easy to communicate with others through two way translation

Translation played via the built-in speaker while text is rendered on the LCD screen.114 types of languages supported

Voice Recognition Languages:

Algeria(Arabic) , Argentina(Spanish) , Armenia(Armenian) , Australia(English) , Bahamas(English) , Bahrain(Arabic) , Belize(English) , Bengal(Bengali) , Bolivia(Spanish) , Brazil(Portuguese) , Bulgaria(Bulgarian) , Cambodia(Cambodian) , Canada(English) , Canada(In French) , Chile(Spanish) , China(Cantonese) , China(Mandarin) , Colombia(Spanish) , Costa Rica(Spanish) , Croatia(Croatian) , Czech(Czech Republic) , Denmark(Danish) , Dominican(Spanish) , Dominique(English) , Ecuador(Spanish) , Egypt(Arabic) , El Salvador(Spanish) , Fiji(English) , Finland(Finnish) , France(French) , Germany(German) , Ghana(English) , Greece(Greek) , Guatemala(Spanish) , Guyana(English) , Honduras(Spanish) , Hungary(Hungarian) , Iceland(Icelandic) , India(Bengali) , India(English) , India(Hindi) , India(Tamil) , Indonesia(Indonesian) , Indonesia(Java) , Indonesia(Sundanese) , Iraq(Arabic) , Ireland(English) , Israel(Arabic) , Israel(Hebrew) , Italy(Italiano) , Jamaica(English) , Japan(Japanese) , Jordan(Arabic) , Kenya(English) , Kenya(Swahili) , Korea(Korean) , Kuwait(Arabic) , Latvia(Latvian) , Lebanon(Arabic) , Lithuanian (Lithuanian) , Malaysia(Malay) , Malaysia(Tamil) , Mauritania(Arabic) , Mexico(Spanish) , Morocco(Arabic) , Nepal(Nepali) , Netherlands(Dutch) , New Zealand(English) , Nicaragua(Spanish) , Nigeria(English) , Norway(Norwegian) , Oman(Arabic) , Panama(Spanish) , Paraguay(Spanish) , Peru(Spanish) , Philippines(English) , Philippines(Filipino) , Poland(Polish) , Portugal(Portuguese) , Puerto Rico(Spanish) , Qatar(Arabic) , Romania(Romanian) , Russia(Russian) , Saudi(Arabic) , Serbia(Serbian) , Singapore(Tamil) , Slovakia(Slovak) , Slovenia(Slovenian) , South Africa(Afrikaans) , South Africa(English) , Spain(Catalan) , Spain(Spanish) , Sri Lanka(Sinhalese) , Sri Lanka(Tamil) , St. Kitts(English) , State of Palestine(Arabic) , Sudan(Arabic) , Sweden(Swedish) , Switzerland(French) , Tanzania(English) , Tanzania(Swahili) , Thailand(Thai) , Traditional Chinese , Tunisia(Arabic) , Turkey(Turkish) , Ukraine(Ukrainian) , United Arab Emirates(Arabic) , United Kingdom(English) , United States(English) , United States(Spanish) , Uruguay(Spanish) , Venezuela(Spanish) , Vietnam(Vietnamese) , Yemen(Arabic)

Speech to text


Record meetings conversations to get meeting minutes effortlessly.Record meetings conversations to get meeting minutes effortlessly.

speech to textspeech to text

Enhances note-taking, improve your workflow efficiency

Use it to record meetings conversations to get meeting minutes effortlessly

Automatically reducing noise

Versatile, all-in-one solution for the whole family.Versatile, all-in-one solution for the whole family.

Size/Weight 146.5 x 31.6 x 14.3 cm/78 g Connection Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Screen Size 2.98 inches LCD Touch interface Single touch, Capacitive sensing Battery 1050 mAh chargeable li-ion battery Stand-by-time 130 hours Duration 2-3 hours Storage ROM 1G + RAM 8GB

SPEECH TO TEXT – Automatically transcribe voice into texts to help you take more notes in less time. Never miss anything important in meetings and classes!
SCAN TO TRANSLATE – Ideal for second language learners, such as Spanish, French, Chinese or Korean! 55 languages are supported when connecting to Wi-Fi. A portable pen translator for looking up words in the dictionary and real-time translation.
Data Input- You can also use the pen scanner with the app and easily scan texts to a PC or smartphone when the smartphone, PC, and the pen scanner are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Win/Mac/Android/iOS are supported. NOTE: It needs to be connected to WiFi to use full features.
STANDALONE AND WIRELESS – It is the most advanced reading pen with an LCD touchscreen. You can use it standalone anywhere—at the library, in class, at the office, or on the go—by directly checking results on the pen scanner.

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