Smart ID Scanner for Bars, Clubs, and Other Businesses – Detects Expired IDs and Underage Consumers – Reads The 2D Barcode in All 50 States – Minor Decliner

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ID scanner technology that prevents illegal product sales to minors.

Why Minor Decliner?

MinorDecliner is simple to use and easy to train. The ID Scanner allows for fast scanning of State-issued IDs and Drivers Licenses for reliable data entry.

Our Mission is Your Business!

With ID Scanners, our mission is to provide the most robust, advanced, and easy-to-use age verification systems and technology.

Our Vision

to eliminate sales and access of age-restricted products to minors to protect businesses. We wake up every day with the drive to innovate and provide the best tools and service available to help retailers eliminate the sales of age-restricted items to minors.

Product Line

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Easy to Use

Our product is simple to use and easy to train. The system allows for fast scanning of State-issued IDs and Drivers Licenses.

Easy to Use: The Minor Decliner Smart ID Scanner is simple to use. This high-quality age verification machine detects expired IDs and underage consumers. This driver’s license scanner is the ideal product to increase your employees’ efficiency, help check IDs properly, and reduce the “human error” factor.
Product Specifications: Our Smart ID scanner works and has the capability to scan Driver’s licenses and state issued ID’s. There’s also a manual entry option for passports and ID’s that are worn out and don’t read on the scanner. Our scanner works in all 50 states, Canada, and some states in Mexico. Reach out to our team for more details regarding Mexico.
Capabilities: The scanner only works on 2D Barcodes, giving quick, audible and visible “Sale or No Sale” results for expired and underage ID’s. The scanner comes with Minor Decliner Patent Software that connects to PC for any updates, to remain operational. The tablet has 8-10 hours of operating time.
About Us: Minor Decliner is a Small US based Business that is dedicated to helping other business owners eliminate sales to minors and remain compliant. Our mission is to provide the most advanced, and easy-to-use age verification systems. We understand how information aids in your buying decision. We also know how frustrating it is if you cannot contact a company. If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help.

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