Alacrity Upgraded 2D Industrial Barcode Scanner with Wireless Charging Stand, Bluetooth & 1968 Feet Transmission Distance 433Mhz Wireless 2in1 Barcode Reader, Shock Dust Proof Hands Free, Blue

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Product Description

New Q50 PlusNew Q50 Plus

Supported Code Type
1D & 2D 1D & 2D 1D & 2D 1D & 2D 1D & 2D 1D & 2D

2in1 433MHz Long Distance Wireless & Bluetooth 2in1 433MHz Long Distance Wireless & Bluetooth 2in1 433MHz Long Distance Wireless & Bluetooth 4G 3G WIFI Bluetooth USB Type A Bluetooth

Unique Merits
Wireless Charging & Long Distance Signal Transmission Wireless Charging & Long Distance Signal Transmission Wireless Charging & Long Distance Signal Transmission 1D & 2D Scan Engine, Ticket and Label Dual Printing High Resolution Scan Engine & Speed Scanner & Thermal Printer 2in1

Supported Code Type
1D & 2D 1D & 2D 1D & 2D 1D & 2D 1D

3in1 Bluetooth & 2.4GHz Wireless & Wired 3in1 Bluetooth & 2.4GHz Wireless & Wired Wired Wired 3in1 Bluetooth & 2.4GHz Wireless & Wired

Unique Merits
Dust & Shock Proof Dust & Shock Proof Intelligent Auto-Detection Super Decoding Ability Portable Design

Supported Code Type
1D & 2D 1D & 2D 1D & 2D 1D & 2D

2.4GHz Wireless & Wired 2in1 2.4GHz Wireless & Wired 2in1 Bluetooth & 2.4GHz Wireless & Wired 3in1 Wired

Unique Merits
Free Scanner Stand Free Scanner Stand Super Mini Size and Lightweight Intelligent Auto-Detection

NEED SUPPORT? We’d like to address any issues or concerns you have. Go to your account page. → ‘Orders’.→ ‘Get help with an order’.→ Select an issue.→ ‘Send e-mail’.

wireless charging standwireless charging stand

high compatibilityhigh compatibility

Instant Upload Mode Storage ModeInstant Upload Mode Storage Mode

Multifunctional Scanner Stand

Built-in Wireless Dongle

After connections are established, first the scanner transmits the data to the dongle integrated in the stand through the wireless signal. Then the dongle transmits the data to the computer via the wired connection.

Built-in Wireless Charging

Just drop down and power up!

Enjoy the freedom of wireless charing, far away from the inconvenience and limitations of wired charging.

High Compatibility

Bluetooth Connection

Compatible with Android, iOS.

Work with cellphones, tablets, laptops.

433Mhz Wireless Connection

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Work with desktop computers, laptops.

Notice: Not compatible with Square / Air system.

2 Upload Modes

Instant Upload Mode

Read and upload codes straight to the device connected.

Storage Mode

Activate storage mode when using scanner out of the wireless signal range.

All codes scanned will be stored directly into the scanner memory, then the user can upload the data to the device after connected.

Built-in memory can store more that 50000 barcodes.

1d barcode 2d code1d barcode 2d code

multi keyboard languagesmulti keyboard languages

multi customized settingsmulti customized settings

Super Decoding Ability

Nearly all 1D and 2D printed codes or digital codes on screen.

Normal and inverse (like white barcode on black background) codes.

Decoding Capability

2D: QR code, Micro QR, Data Matrix, PDF417, Micro PDF417, Aztec, Maxicode1D: UPC/EAN, Code 128/EAN128, GS1-128, GSI Databar, GS1 Composite, ISBT-128, Standard 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 32, Code 93, Code 11, Codabar, PLESSEY, MSI, ITF-14

Notice: The distance between scanner and code varies in the different size of codes, hence user need to zoom in and out to match the best inteval.

Multiple Keyboard Languages

Support English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, etc.

English is the scanner’s default language.

Notice: Incorrect language setting will result in some character’s wrong output.

To make sure the right outputs, please set the same language of the scanner as your computer’s keyboard language.

Versatile Customized Configuration Options

Buzzer On/Off.Volume high/medium/low.Vibration On/Off.Handsfree Intelligent sensor mode/Trigger scan mode.Data Storage Mode/Instand Upload Mode.Multiple keyboard languages.Adding/hiding prefix/suffix(including date and time).etc.

alacrity retails warehouse pharmacy logisticsalacrity retails warehouse pharmacy logistics

【Exceptional Signal Range】 The Alacrity 433MHz RF wireless barcode scanner stands out with its long-distance transmission capabilities. In an unobstructed environment, it can transmit signals up to an impressive 1968 feet (600 meters), and even in environments with obstacles, it reaches a substantial 656 feet (200 meters). This extended range makes it a perfect fit for large warehouses where signal coverage is crucial.
【Wireless Charging for Ultimate Convenience】 Experience the freedom of wireless charging by effortlessly placing the scanner on the stand. No software installation or app is needed, ensuring compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and a variety of common software like QuickBooks, Word, Excel. This versatile scanner finds applications in supermarkets, cosmetic stores, retail, postal services, logistics, banking, and medical institutions. It’s a reliable solution for diverse industries.
【Industrial-Grade Superior Durability】 The Alacrity industrial barcode reader boasts exceptional durability with a robust ABS material that provides excellent shockproof capabilities, making it capable of withstanding drops from heights of 8 ft./2.4 m onto concrete floors. Its integrated housing ensures dustproof functionality, protecting the scanner from heavy dust and allowing it to perform reliably in challenging working conditions.
【Versatile Customized Configuration Options】 Handsfree Intelligent sensor mode/ Trigger scan mode. Vibration/buzzer settings. Data Storage/Instand Upload Mode. Multiple keyboard languages. Adding / hiding prefix / suffix including date and time, etc.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner 1D Wireless with Adjustable Portable Back Clip Bar Code Scanner Compatible iPhone Android iOS for Warehouse Inventory Book Store Library

Price: $42.99
(as of Jan 27,2024 02:58:55 UTC – Details)

1. by fixing the mobile phone on the retractable clip , as a normal Bluetooth barcode scanner , by Bluetooth mode , you can use your barcode scanner anywhere you want. 2.Portable Back Clip itself is a barcode scanner, without placing a mobile phone, after connecting with a computer by the wireless dongle included in the package use 3.When Back Clip is connected to the phone via usb line, it also charging treasure, Work and life don’t interfere with each other
3 scanning buttons designs, to achieve left, right, up and down multiple positions to scan, You can choose the most convenient one as the scan button , it can save your time and increase your efficiency . Manual trigger mode + Continus scanning mode,The scanner will automatically read the barcode once the barcode is detected. There is no need to press the trigger.
with 1500mAh inside battery ,scanner has a 50 hours of continuous scanning ; No need to worry about running out of battery ; It can be charged by any USB port .this scanner can be used in the most practical way depending on the scanning task in various solutions in retail, warehousing, manufacturing, logistics.
barcode scanner With advanced 1D barcode decode technology which can easily capture most of the 1D barcodes, such as ISBN/UPC/EAN,UPC/EAN With Supplementals, Code39, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code93, Code 128, Codabar, etc barcode. It can also scan damaged barcode, distortion barcode, colorful barcode and reflective barcode, etc special barcode.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with Stand,Alacrity 1D Hands-Free Automatic Scanning 3-in-1 Connections Bluetooth&USB Wired&2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Reader,Work with Windows,Mac,Android,Linux,iOS

Price: $33.99 - $27.99
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From the brand

barcode scannerbarcode scanner

bar code scannerbar code scanner

Phone Back Clip Barcode Scanner

2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Retail Pocket Barcode Scanner

How we got our start?

Our barcode scanners incorporate advanced proprietary features, We were the first manufacturer to employ the 1-megapixel high resolution scanning camera technology.

What makes our product unique?

For 7years running, Alacrity has been chosen as the official provider of barcode scanners by several America states, making it USA’s choice of American Quality.

Why we love what we do?

Alacrity the stable and superb quality, competitive, the best after-sales service and tailor-made.Is dedicated to making inventory management quick and easy for customers.

Portable Book Barcode Scanner

ring barcode scannerring barcode scanner

Bluetooth Wearable Ring Barcode Scanner

Handsfree Barcode Scanner with Charging BaseHandsfree Barcode Scanner with Charging Base

Handsfree Barcode Scanner with Charging Base

Bluetooth Handsfree Barcode ScannerBluetooth Handsfree Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth Handsfree Barcode Scanner

【Support 3 Connections】This bluetooth barcode scanne supports 3 connection way,such as bluetooth,2.4GHz wireless and USB wired.Bluetooth connection making it work with smartphones,tablet etc;The tranmission distance of bluetooth is 33 feet;2.4GHz wireless connection making it work with PC,POS machine etc;The transmission distance of 2.4GHz is 49-82 feet;USB wired connection making it work while charging.
【2 Working Modes】This barcode scanner supports 2 working modes,upload data instantly and storage mode.Storage mode means storing barcodes data into barcode scanner after scannings,then you can upload stored data to your device by scanning setting code in the user manual.This wireless barcode reader comes with 16MB storage space which can store 50K+ barcodes data.【3 Scanning Modes】This bluetooth barcode scanner supports manual trigger mode,auto-scanning mode and continuous scanning mode.
【Printed & Screen Barcodes】This 1d wireless barcode scanner supports printed and screen barcodes.Screen barcodes means that it can scan a barcodes from screen.【Supported Barcode Types 】EAN-8, EAN-13, Codabar, CODE 39, CODE 93, CODE 128, China Post, GS1-128, UPC-A, UPC-E, ISBN/ISSN, ISBT , Interleaved 2 of 5,Standard 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5,Industrial 2 of 5 , MSI, RSS, ITF14, Telepen, etc.
【Plug & Play】This 1d bluetooth barcode scanner plug and play,no need to install any driver or software.【SDK】We can provide complete SDK for secondary development.【Package List 】1*Barcode Scanner;Wireless Dongle*1;User Manual*1;Stand*1

IDWare 9000 Handheld ID Scanner – ID, Drivers’ License, Age Verification & Passport Scanner with Veriscan Premium Software – Sync Multiple Devices

Price: $1,109.00
(as of Dec 01,2023 21:08:19 UTC – Details)

Product Description

IDW9000 capabilitiesIDW9000 capabilities

About The IDWare9000+ HandHeld ID Scanner

Portable ID Reader

The IDWare9000 handheld ID scanner with embedded ID scanning software provides age verification and ID verification. Creates a record for all new guests and updates record for existing guests sends text or email alerts when certain guests arrive.

Secure Storage Of Customer Data

All data is backed up to the secure cloud, and can be transferred to a new device in the event that your ID scanner is lost, broken, or stolen. When an ID is scanned, Veriscan Online checks the date of birth and expiration date and then compares the format of the ID to our library of documents.

Age Verification (21+, 18+)

Perfect for bars, nightclubs, dispensaries, and other age restricted venues. Simply scan the barcode on the back of the ID, and the VeriScan system instantly verifies customer age, ID expiration date, and validity. Benefits of age verification include increased compliance, decreased exposure, real-time security, and an enhanced customer experience.

Key Features 5.5” touchscreen 12 hours scanning time. <4 hour recharge. Android 9.0 OS Charging cable, USB cable, Hand strap 16MP autofocus rear camera with flash Durable against dust and water Scans all IDs, drivers’ licenses, and global passports with the push of a button Reads and parses data in the ID’s 2D barcode or passport MRZ

Using Your IDWare9000+

ID Scanning Software Handheld Scanner Home ScreenID Scanning Software Handheld Scanner Home Screen

underage ID scan pop-upunderage ID scan pop-up

ID scanner visitor profileID scanner visitor profile

ID scanner DMV checksID scanner DMV checks

Modern User Interface

Beautiful, easy-to-use software that allows for scanning IDs with the touch of a button. Easily train your bouncers, doormen, or security staff.

Flag Underage Patrons

With the scan of an ID, your ID scanner will determine guest age, and perform 2D barcode security to check for potential anomalies.

Manage Lists (Banned, VIP)

Easily create and manage lists (Banned, VIP, Big Spender, Chargebacks, etc.). Tag customers and add notes for later review or customer return.

Optional 3rd Party Checks

For added security, our ID scanning software allows queries to 3rd party databases such as DMV and OFAC – ensure your customers are who they say they are.

Compatible ID & Document Formats

US Drivers’ Licenses Document Scanning, Age Verification, 2D Barcode Security Canadian Drivers’ Licenses Document Scanning, Age Verification, 2D Barcode Security Mobile Drivers’ License (mDLs) Document Scanning, Age Verification US State IDs Document Scanning, Age Verification, 2D Barcode Security Global Passports Document Scanning, Age Verification Global Drivers’ License Limited Scanning & Age Verification, Country Dependent

Simple Setup For Your IDWare9000+ Handheld ID Scanner

turning on your handheld id scannerturning on your handheld id scanner

Set up ID scanning software, fake ID detectionSet up ID scanning software, fake ID detection

id scanner scanning the back of a drivers licenseid scanner scanning the back of a drivers license

Step 1

Turn on your ID Scanner IDW9000+ by pressing the “On” button on the left side of the scanner.

Step 2

Register your Veriscan age verification software account. You’ll be able to configure your settings and account at this time.

Step 3

Start scanning IDs! Simply use the auto-focus laser and hold the ID 3″-4″ from the ID scanner.

ID scanner using laser scannerID scanner using laser scanner

Benefits of ID Scanning

Scans all IDs, drivers’ licenses, and global passports with the push of a buttonReads and parses data in the ID’s 2D barcode or passport MRZWeb Service parses information stored in the 2D barcodeAPI will convert the image of the back of an ID or driver’s license into a string of characters for use with our parsing APIAPI is used to perform optical character recognition (OCR) on the front of a drivers’ licenseVerifies customer age (18+, 21+)Alerts your team when a customer’s ID is expiredCatches anomalies in the ID’s barcode or MRZ with 2D barcode security checksTracks each guest visit for loyalty history, anti-looping, and list creation – new records are created for each guest, returning guest records are updated.

Benefits of Using the IDWare 9000+ with Veriscan

VIP ListVIP List

Banned ListBanned List

Fake IDsFake IDs

No TyposNo Typos

Manage VIP Lists

Create, manage and share VIP lists, collect data, and generate sophisticated marketing reports.

Create Banned Lists

Keep troublemakers out of your establishment with “Banned” patron lists.

Fake ID Detection

Simply scan a driver’s license or passport using our mobile solution and verify age, check for fake or expired IDs, and check in guests.

Eliminate Typos

No more typos. ID parsing ensures 100% accurate data every time. We are far more accurate than OCR solutions.

Perform 2D barcode security checks which check for inconsistencies and anomalies in the 2D barcode on the back of the ID
Continuous updates as new ID formats are added – Built-in age verification checks for underage (18+, 21+), or expired IDs
IDs can be scanned and parsed into our cloud-based system in <1 second
Multi-scan alerts. Ensure IDs are not passed between guests with passback protection

1D 2D Portable Inventory Scanner,JRHC Collector Counter 2.4G Wireless Barcode Scanner Long Transmission Distance Multifunctional 2.8 Inch LCD Screen Barcode Reader for Warehouse, Library, Store

Price: $99.99
(as of Oct 30,2023 16:19:10 UTC – Details)

Product Description

2D Scanner2D Scanner

Multifunctional 2D store inventory scanner

The JRHC Wireless Patible barcode scanner has multi-function to apply different situation

1) Scan Gun Mode: After scanning the code, The wireless barcode scanner will be sent to your computer immediately, the data will be saved on storage card automatically if there is no connection or signal, and it will be sent automatically if there is a signal. During the scanning process, you can scan for corrupted barcodes, such as collapsed, blurry, or partially missing, etc.2) Collect Mode: Works as a data collector. In Collect mode, the collector stores all barcodes in local memory and transfer barcodes to the receiver after the collection finished. All barcodes are stored in order into the flash memory, data won’t be lost even sudden power off happens. This function is mainly designed for barcodes single-used circumstances, such as scanning tracking number, serial codes, material codes.3) Inventory Mode: is a simple statistical counting mode to record barcodes and their quantity. The collector can process up to 100,000 barcodes at a time, the maximum inventory quanity of individual barcodes is 100,000. One Scan on each barcode will add one quantity on the barcode, or you can input the quantity manually to change the quantity or add on.

NS-6606T is a 4-in-1 scanner for inventory that integrates high-efficiency barcode scanner, large-capacity collector, accurate inventory controller and wireless receiver. On the chip, our inventory scanner realizes the reading of 2D barcodes. It not only supports almost all 1D barcodes and 2D codes, but also supports screen codes.

Plug and Play: No software is required, equivalent to a keyboard input, but if you want to process 10,000 barcodes at one time, you need an upload tool to improve transmission efficiency. Fast scanning, high code recognition rate: The inventory barcode scanner has a high-performance scanning head with low error rate and longer scanning depth.Large storage space: The inventory device has a storage space of 16M, which can store 400,000 pieces of data, and can process up to 10,000 barcodes at a time.High-capacity battery: The 2d barcode scanner has a built-in 1400mAh lithium polymer battery, which can be charged for 3-4 hours and work for 20-30 hours.Three scanning modes: there are key scanning, key delayed scanning and continuous scanning mode. When you do not want to handle the work through the keys of the inventory scanner, you can choose the continuous scanning mode to solve your problems.Simple and portable: The size of the wireless barcode reader is similar to that of a mobile phone, and it can be placed in your pocket at any time.180 Libraries management: It is a store inventory scanner for multi-inventory management, and the maximum number of librariess that can be created is 180.Supported device types: Only PC and laptop devices with USB interface are supported, mobile phones and tablet computers do not support connection.

2d inventory scanner2d inventory scanner

2D code description of our inventory scanner

This is a 2D inventory barcode scanner carefully built for product inventory management. During the scanning process, you can scan some broken, blurred, partially missing and similar damaged barcodes.

Open the wireless barcode scanner, adjust it to scan code mode, press the scan button with your finger, and you can easily scan the code.


The supported devices are those with USB ports, such as desktops and laptops;Compatible software includes WINDOWS XP/7/10, Excel, Word, etc., acting as a keyboard input. Does not support POS cashier system

1D code:Codabar、Code 11、Code93、MSI、Code 128、UCC/EAN-128、Code 39、EAN-8、EAN-13、UPC-A、ISBN、Industrial 25 , Interleaved 25, Standard25, Matrix QR, DataMatrix, PDF417, Aztec, Hanxin, Micro PDF417.

Scanner barcodeScanner barcode

1d scanner1d scanner

wireless scannerwireless scanner

File / Keyboard Export

barcode scanner could export data as Word, Excel, TXT, Novell, and all common software.

The barcode data could be FILE exported when you use our Export Tool(you need install the export tool)

Please message us for Export Tool installation package.

CMOS Image Scanning

With CMOS sensor , the scanner can identify the barcode from paper and screen.

Not for Square

Notice: This item is not compatible with Square.

scanner for inventoryscanner for inventory

Unique code settings

The size of the 2D Wireless Barcode Reader is similar to that of a normal mobile phone, about 6.7*2.45 (inch), you can use it as a mobile phone.

If you work in a warehouse, logistics warehouse processing center, or library, it can act as your little assistant, so that you will not have to repeat the work when you scan the code. You can press “F2” on the collection page to set the unique code to open. Features.

I believe this feature will definitely attract you. Click the shopping cart to get this product now, and let our inventory scanner become your little expert to improve efficiency today.

inventory scannerinventory scanner

Multi-scene pictures

For a warehouse manager, courier operator, medical drug manager or librarian, having a multifunctional inventory barcode scanner like ours is really necessary.

The scanning code inventory instrument has powerful functions, so there are still many applicable scenarios, such as: stores, supermarkets, warehouses, medical aspects, logistics, libraries, etc. It can improve your work efficiency and allow you to easily solve inventory management problems.

【2.4G Wireless Long-distance Transmission】- Our wireless barcode scanner is connected to the computer through a 2.4G wireless USB receiver, supports WINDOWS XP/7/8/10 system, and is compatible with office software such as WORD/EXCEL/Text; the inventory barcode scanner transmits distance when there is no obstacle outdoors It can reach 150M/492 feet, and it can reach 50M/164 feet when there are obstacles or indoors.
【Super 1D & 2D Code Recognition Capability】- The 6606T barcode scanner can scan 1D and 2D codes, no matter whether the barcode is blurred, reflective, or broken, including the screen code, it can be quickly identified.Identify 1D: Codabar, Code 11, Code93, MSI, Code 128, EAN,UPC,Code 39, UPC-A, ISBN, Industrial 25, Standard25, Matrix; Recognize 2D: QR, DataMatrix, PDF417, Aztec, Micro PDF417.
【Plug and play for Easy Portability】- Insert the USB wireless receiver into the computer, turn on the inventory scanner and connect to the computer immediately, plug and play, no need to install drivers or software; our scanner for inventory is composed of a 2.8-inch TFT color LCD screen and 23 buttons, which can Set the time, you can put it in your pants or clothes pocket at any time; the laser barcode scanner supports three languages: Japanese, English, Chinese.
【1000mAh battery and 16M storage space】- The portable barcode scanner has a built-in lithium polymer battery, which can be charged with a USB data cable. The capacity is 1000 mAh. Our bar code scanners readers can be fully charged in about two hours and can be used for 20-40 hours. When you want to transmit 10,000 barcodes, you can use text upload to improve your work efficiency.

NADAMOO 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner Bluetooth Compatible, with Adjustable Back Clip CMOS Bar Code Scanner for 1D 2D QR PDF417 Code, Work with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS – 1,000,000 Pixels

Price: $99.99 - $69.99
(as of Oct 12,2023 14:22:30 UTC – Details)

From the brand

nadamoo brand storynadamoo brand story

NADAMOO Barcode Scanner

NADAMOO Barcode Scanner

NADAMOO Barcode Scanner

NADAMOO Barcode Scanner

NADAMOO Barcode Scanner

NADAMOO Barcode Scanner

【Two Ways to Use】: It can be used as a clip-on barcode scanner fixed behind mobile phone. You can check the data while scanning, which will improve the efficiency greatly. And it can be used as an ordinary Bluetooth barcode scanner alone. You can use the barcode scanner wherever you need it.
【Compatible with Bluetooth Function】: The bar code scanner can communicate with other Bluetooth devices within a range of approximately 50 meters ( 164 feet) in open air. Bluetooth HID, SPP, and BLE mode are all available. Work with Windows, Mac OS, Android OS, iOS.
【1,000,000 pixels, Outstanding 1D / 2D Code Reading Performance】 The imager Barcode Scanner is equiped with advanced 1,000,000 pixels CMOS sensor, providing outstanding reading performance on 1D/2D printed codes or on mobile phone screens. Also support scanning damaged, distorted, colored and reflective barcodes and barcode printed on colorful background. 1D barcode compatibility: UPC, EAN, Code128, Code39, Code11, Codabar, etc. 1D barcode compatibility: QR Code, PDF417, Data Matrix, Aztec Code
【2 scanning mode】: Manual trigger mode + Self-sensing mode The scanner will automatically read the barcode once the barcode is detected. There is no need to press the trigger.

Honeywell 1300G-2 Hyperion 1300g Linear Imaging Scanner for 1D Barcode, RS232/USB/KBW/IBM, Black

Price: $181.00 - $62.68
(as of Sep 28,2023 13:12:39 UTC – Details)

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility manufactures laser and imaging-based barcode scanners designed for reading linear and 2D barcodes, used in retail, healthcare, and transportation and logistics vertical markets.
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.91 x 4.41 x 3.11 inches; 5.61 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ 1300G-2
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ May 5, 2011
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Honeywell
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0054ZWGVW

Eliminates the need to purchase specialty scanners by providing the ability to read out to 18 inches (457mm) on 13 mil bar codes, as well as high density bar code reading in a single device
Increases up time and reduces service costs with a reliable design that utilizes no moving parts and full impact resistant bumpers
Ensures operator comfort and productivity with a gun-shaped form factor optimized for intensive hand-held scanning
Supports all popular interfaces in one device, replacing the time consuming process of scanning programming bar codes with automatic interface detection and configuration

Butory 1D 2D QR Barcode Scanner: Hands Free Automatic Bar Code Scaner Omnidirectional Scanning UPC Reader USB Wired Escaner Lector for Industrial Library Retail Inventory POS

Price: $59.99
(as of Aug 27,2023 03:16:19 UTC – Details)

From the brand

Barcode ScannerBarcode Scanner

barcode scanner wirelessbarcode scanner wireless


BUTORY is the industry leader in the field of barcode scanners.

BUTORY creates and improves the product by fully making use of continuity of technology, sales channel, and customer feedback. The continuous optimization of our product and offer is our unique strength.

We want to keep introducing the best products to make a real difference in your life and work, and to be your most trusted brand.

barcode scanner bluetooth

handheld scannerhandheld scanner

library scannerlibrary scanner

bar code reader scannerbar code reader scanner

2D QR Hands-Free Barcode Scanner Omnidirectional Automatic Sensing Scanning USB Barcode Reader Adjustable Screen Scanning Platform Scanner for POS PC Supermarket Bookstore

Price: $48.99
(as of Aug 08,2023 22:16:35 UTC – Details)

From the brand


How did we get our start?

Symcode is a Well-Established Brand Designed in Germany that Specializes in Barcode Scanners . For 22 Years Running, We has been Chosen as the Official Provider of Barcode Scanners by Several Nation States.

Why do we love what we do?

We are a Genuine Manufacturer-to-Consumer Flagship Store, Which Means That our Products go Directly Trom the Factory to You Without Incurring Unnecessary Costs that Would Otherwise go to the Middleman. With Such an Unfair Advantage, We are Able to Supply to You Quality Products at the World’s Very Good !

symcode Barcode Scanner

symcode Barcode Scanner

symcode Barcode Scanner

symcode Barcode Scanner

Platform USB barcode reader scanner equipped precise auto-sensing scanning technology, can easily capture mobile screen and computer screen barcode. also it can easily to decode special barcode, including blurring barcode, damaged barcode, distortion barcode, colorful barcode or reflective barcode and so on.
QR Barcode scanner plug and play , connect with your computer only by one USB cable, Easily work with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux, etc system, and work well with common software like Word, Excel.
Desktop bar code scanner apply to supermarkets, shopping malls, cosmetic stores, retail industry, postal industry,logistics,banks,medical institutions other industrials that need payment scanning.
About bar code scanner after-sales issues,tech support Can help you with ending failure , company responds quickly ,we can even went so far as to record a short video showing you how to set up a specific barcode font.

Scanmarker Digital Highlighter – OCR Pen Scanner and Reader – USB Version (Mac & Win)

Price: $109.00
(as of Jul 07,2023 11:40:25 UTC – Details)

From the brand

Scanmarker AirScanmarker Air

Shop Scanmarker Products

How did we get started?

Founded by Dr. Reuven Regev, who discovered the need during his studies in Stanford University. Scanmarker is a brand behind an innovative, multiplatform application which includes a pen-shaped digital highlighter. Scanmarker helps transfer text directly from the page into more than 40 languages.

Why do we love what we do?

Scanmarker products are invaluable tools that aid students and professionals save time and also help those with reading difficulties build their confidence and become more self-sufficient in their studies and daily activities.

Super accurate and fast multilingual ocr text scanner ideal for students and professionals
Use your pen scanner to scan editable text directly into any computer application e.g. Microsoft Word
Edit, read aloud in real-time and translate on Mac & Windows computers
Portable, lightweight and easy to use. The USB-connected version of Scanmarker Air for those who only require scanning to computer